anxiety text

figure with hands on head drawing
bottom of foot drawing
figure holding knees drawing
foot drawing
figure drawing
figure laying in bed drawing
top of foot drawing
head on pillow drawing

drapery text

figure crouched with drapery drawing
figure laying on blanket drawing
figure laying on top of bed drawing
leg wrapped in drapery drawing
figure reclining on bed drawing

portraiture text

female portrait
cat wearing crown portrait
male portrait
cat portrait
cat portrait

misc text

Because it's fun to draw...

drawing of bird eye
rat drawing
landscape drawing
female figure in chair drawing
old school microphone drawing
blue gill drawing
anatomical skeleton drawing
figure drawing of a woman in chair drawing
pen drawing of fish corpse

digital text

Norway travel poster
newsletter design
book cover design
digital illustration of Chevy Camaro
infographic about beard styles
teddy bear
cow skull with knives and flowers
grafitti design
flower digital painting