woman laying on top of blankets

"For some viewers, the shadows may be a literal darkness..."

leg wrapped in drapery

"Sleep Never Came" - Charcoal and Chalk Pastel

anxiety text

Thoughts that don't sleep.

bird skull in box

Singularity RWB - Screen Print, Edition of 12

ink text

Printmaking in a Tattooed World

Woman resting on pillow
"Alone" - Charcoal.

dust text

For each piece of art, an individual creates their own personal interpretation. The goal of my art is to make those experiences happen. I want viewers to create their own interpretations of my pieces and to discuss with others what they think is going on. I have my own personal connection and story to each of my pieces and I want each viewer to create a story and experience for themselves.

I create an experience for the viewer by portraying a sense of atmosphere. For some viewers, the shadows may be a literal darkness, and to others, it may become a portal to a place beyond the boundaries of the drawing and intimate marks.

Woman crouched covered in drapery
"She Wept While Alone" - Charcoal and Chalk Pastel.
Koi fish on waves
"On the Waves" - Intaglio Print, Edition of 6.

about text

I received two Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees from Edinboro Univeristy. One in Drawing and the other in Printmaking. I am a featured artist on the Edinboro Drawing Program portfolio website, check it out using the link below.

Edinboro Portfolio

While creating on paper is an outlet, the world is turning towards a digital age. This never stopped my ambitions and I adapted to the environment around me. Pursuing creativity led me to create on the world wide web. Check out my Web Design Portfolio and see how I merge Fine Art and Digital Creations.

Digital Portfolio line design